Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#4050. Pat's Rec Room

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Mon Oct 1 11:59:24 PDT 2007 by Emily Hauer (
Materials Required: Pencil, graph paper, ruler
Activity Time: 180 minutes or more
Concepts Taught: Area and Perimeter

Below is a worksheet I gave to my students. Sorry I didn't include this into a formal template (including standards), but I wanted to submit something to this site since I use this site often.

Today, Pat wants your help to rearrange the furniture in his recreation room. Pat has the following furniture:

Fish aquarium
Ping pong table
Foosball table
Arcade game
Welcome mat

Before moving the heavy furniture around the room, Pat would like to see a diagram on graph paper of how you'd like to arrange the furniture.

For example, you could place Pat's couch in the corner of the room like this. . .

(insert a sample of graph paper here with a cut out that represents a couch)

STEP #1 Find Graph Paper
Find 2 pieces of graph paper. One piece will be for the room layout. The other piece of graph paper will be used for you to cut-out furniture. How will you know how big the furniture will be for the diagram? Well, solve the word problems below to help you make cut-out furniture out of the graph paper for your diagram. These cut-outs are to be placed on graph paper.

Each square on the graph paper represents 1 foot x 1 foot. The cut-outs are to be in plane shapes (not two dimensional).

Step #2 Recreational Room
Pat's recreation room is 25 feet by 20 feet. Draw this area onto a piece of graph paper. Remember, each square on your graph paper represents 1 foot x 1 foot.

Step #3 Couch
Pat's couch is the shape of a rectangle. The area of his couch is 18 feet. The length of his couch is 6 feet. Determine the couch's width and draw the couch. Remember to draw the couch onto a separate piece of graph paper from Pat's room. Cut out the couch from the graph paper and place onto the diagram of Pat's room.

Step #4 Fish Aquarium
Pat's fish aquarium is in the shape of a trapezoid. The base of the aquarium is 4 feet, and the top of the aquarium is 2 feet. The height of the aquarium is 2 feet. Draw the aquarium onto graph paper, and cut out the aquarium.

Step #5 Television
Pat's television is square. One of the sides is 4 feet. Draw the television onto graph paper and cut out for the diagram.

Step #6 Ping pong Table
Pat's ping pong table is rectangle. The length is 9 feet. If the area of the ping pong table is 45 feet, determine the length and draw the ping pong table onto graph paper. Cut the ping pong table out and place onto your diagram.

Step #7 Foosball Table
Pat's foosball table is rectangle. The area of the foosball table is 8 feet. If the length is 4 feet, determine the width. Cut the foosball table out and place onto your diagram.

Step #8 Arcade Game
Pat's arcade game is a parallelogram. The height of the arcade game is 6 feet. The top and bottom are 3 feet, and the sides are 6 feet. Draw the arcade game on graph paper, cut out the shape and place onto the diagram.

Step #9 Welcome Mat
Pat's welcome mat is a triangle. The perimeter of the triangle is 6 feet. The height of the triangle is 2 feet. Draw the triangle on graph paper, cut out and place onto diagram.


1. What is the area of the recreational room?

2. What is the perimeter of the couch?

3. What is the perimeter of the aquarium?

4. What is the area of the television?

5. What is the perimeter of the ping pong table?

6. What is the perimeter of the foosball table?

7. What is the area of the arcade game?

8. What is the area of the welcome mat?