Grade: Senior
Subject: Mathematics

#4051. Presenting Financials

Mathematics, level: Senior
Posted Sun Nov 18 17:43:11 PST 2007 by Jose Marting (
Wayne State U, Detroit Michigan
Materials Required: WWW
Activity Time: 5 days
Concepts Taught: Stocks, Presentation

Lesson Plan
A. Class or section: Business Math
B. Date: Due 12/12/07
C. Agenda
1.Review various stock charts at
2. Find and review analysts comments at
3. Review the annual report for Target Corp.
D. In-class assignments
1. Group Formation and Meetings
2. Collaborating Research Efforts
E. Activities
1. Conversion of line graph presented data into bar graphs
2. Import created charts to powerpoint along with descriptions
3. Explore charts and pivot tables in excel
F. Homework
1. Describe the trend in Sales Growth for Target Corp.