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Subject: Literature

#4052. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants test

Literature, level: Middle
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Concepts Taught: Comprehension Assessment

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares Exam

Part I: Character Identification Match the description to the appropriate character.

Description Character
1. confident, dignified 18-year-old who was raised by his grandparents A. Carmen
2. gauges her emotional state by whether or not she envies her Guinea pig B. Lena
3. speaks few words, but they're perceptive ones; visits his alcoholic father C. Tibby
regularly D. Bridget
4. loves math and order; hates messes unless they're her own E. Effie
5. speaks very few words but doesn't need them to understand his family F. Bailey
6. impulsive and reckless; any thought entering her mind becomes a dare G. Eric
7. shy and beautiful; loses herself in her artwork H. Kostos
8. has always tried to maintain a "perfect" environment; has difficulty being I. Bapi
honest with his family when it comes to the "hard stuff" J. Paul
9. loves vintage clothes and a certain waiter; her need for the perfect prom K. Al
dress brings about the discovery of the Pants
10. 19-year-old soccer coach; oblivious to a girl's lack of experience
11. although physically sick, heals many others emotionally

Part II: Multiple Choice Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.

12. Which one of the following do the Pants NOT represent?
A. togetherness B. common sense C. love D. challenge

13. Except for the "Prologue" and the "Epilogue," the novel is written in 3rd person point of view. Who is
the narrator in the opening and closing sections and why?
A. Tibby--she had to stay home for the summer, so she keeps the setting constant.
B. Tibby--she documents all activity with her filming.
C. Carmen--she was born last and feels like she has to keep track of everybody.
D. Carmen--she says she cares the most that the girls stick together.

14. How do the Pants come to the attention of the girls?
A. Tibby points them out, trying to distract the others from her emotional state.
B. Carmen is cleaning her room and goes to throw them out when Bridget notices them.
C. Lena asks for a remembrance to take with her as a souvenir before she leaves for Greece.
D. Tibby spills chocolate milk all over her cargos and needs a quick replacement.

15. Why do the girls go to Gilda's?
A. It's their long-time favorite pizzeria hangout joint.
B. It's the only place they can find any privacy with their full homes.
C. It's where their mothers first met each other.
D. It's where Bridget was kissed for the first time and represents their rites of passage to adulthood.

16. Which girl has the best vocabulary but the worst temper?
A. Lena B. Bridget C. Carmen D. Tibby

17. Which girl is the shyest and has the biggest feet?
A. Lena B. Bridget C. Carmen D. Tibby

18. Which girl is the most daring?
A. Lena B. Bridget C. Carmen D. Tibby

19. Which girl thinks her parents sold-out to the materialistic world?
A. Lena B. Bridget C. Carmen D. Tibby

20. Why does Bailey seek out Tibby's companionship?
A. She believes Tibby is a lonely person who needs a friend.
B. She wants to learn how to make documentaries.
C. She is impressed with Tibby's character since she returned her wallet to her.
D. She is going to die soon and wants to be as normal as possible.

21. What is the most important trait Tibby learns from Bailey?
A. how to recognize the last stages of cancer in others
B. how to look deeper than someone's appearance in order to understand him/her
C. that it's okay to deep-freeze your pet until you're ready to say good-bye
D. that sick people don't want sympathy

22. Bailey's friendship changes Tibby. Who is the first to see this?
A. Lena B. Bridget C. Carmen D. Tucker Rowe

23. According to the text, which word best describes how Carmen feels in South Carolina?
A. mute B. invisible C. frustrated D. alienated

24. Which factor does NOT contribute to Carmen feeling like an outsider in father's new life?
A. her father neglecting to tell her about his new life before she arrives
B. the fact that everyone else (including her father) is blond
C. having to stay in the guest room with multiple boxes of Kleenex
D. being ignored by Paul and Krista at the "fun party" as well as the rest of the time

25. Why hasn't Carmen allowed herself to be mad at her father in the past?
A. She knows everything is usually her fault.
B. She doesn't want to add to her mother's distaste for her father.
C. They've never had any problems in the past.
D. She doesn't trust him to stay around if she shows anger.

26. What does the still-broken but taped-up window in Al and Lydia's house symbolize?
A. Although Carmen and her father's relationship is no longer superficially perfect, an honest
relationship between them is on the mend.
B. Carmen already felt transparent the entire time, but now she feels utterly broken inside.
C. Carmen realizes that even Lydia isn't as perfect as she seems.
D. Like different panes in a window come together to make a whole, so do different kinds of people
make up a family.

27. What common love do both Bapi and Lena share?
A. Rice Krispies B. Kostos C. quiet routine D. moderate adventure

28. What presumptuous mistake does Lena make?
A. Kostos is superficial and self-absorbed.
B. Kostos is a stalker and invades others' private places.
C. Effie will fix the miscommunication problem for her.
D. Bapi's temper will be limited to mere yelling.

29. What does Lena regret?
A. not knowing enough Greek to communicate with all the others effectively
B. having a small nose instead of a big Greek one
C. not having the Pants in the middle part of the summer for added courage
D. not being like others who have lost everything but are still willing to take risks for potential joy

30. What is Bridget's greatest flaw?
A. She's impulsive. B. She's boy-crazy. C. She's too competitive. D. She's often jealous.

31. What can be inferred about Bridget's mother?
A. She died of cancer.
B. She died from an attack while on one of her walks.
C. She deserted her husband and kids.
D. She committed suicide.

32. Why does Bridget pursue Eric?
A. She honestly loves him.
B. He encourages the innocent interest.
C. He is an off-limits, impossible challenge.
D. No other boys are at the all-girl camp.

33. How does Bridget's experience with Eric affect her?
A. She realizes how deeply she can love someone and looks toward a future with him.
B. Emotionally, she feels too full and confused.
C. She is worried Eric will get in trouble and wishes she wouldn't have pushed so hard.
D. She has no regrets about what happened but decides to go slower next time.

34. What role does Lena play for Bridget at the end?
A. her best friend B. her psychologist C. her mother D. her travel agent

35. What trait does each girl desperately need from the Pants the last time she wears them for the summer?
A. bravery B. love C. compassion D. joy