Grade: Elementary

#4055. Word Origins

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Nov 16 20:59:22 PST 2007 by Benjamin Y (
Wayne State, Detroit
Materials Required: Inspiration 8 Software, Dictionary
Activity Time: 2-4 hours
Concepts Taught: Word Origins, Language


Student Teacher's Name: Benjamin Yasso Date: 11-16-2007
Grade Level 3rd Topic/Unit: Word Origins School: District:

Their will be a list of English words that were borrowed from different language. The words will be organized in several different ways with regards to relationships among the words and to language families. The definition will be looked up and broken down as to their original meanings.

Early Elementary Explore and discuss how languages and language patterns vary from place to place and how these languages and dialects are used to convey ideas and feelings. An example is comparing a television toy ad to a print toy ad.

Learning Resources and Materials
Inspiration 8 software

Development of Lesson

-Review of vocabulary words previously taught
-Compare words in my second language to English words and pick bilingual students give me a word in their language borrowed in English


I would have the students get into small groups of 3-4 at a computer
Each student would receive a handout on how to identify words that come from different languages and what word endings/beginnings meant in the original language
Each group will be given a dictionary to look up definitions
Using Inspiration software, I would have the activity loaded up on each computer. There would be a list of words on one side and different languages on the other.
Students would have to make the connections from a word to a language of origin using the software
Each words definition would be looked up in the dictionary and written down individually


Those who may have trouble would be grouped at a computer near the instructor and receive constant attention.

Students would individually break down the words into their original component parts and attempt to give the original definition based on information given in the handout and the definitions looked up in the dictionary


Once everyone had completed the writing part, we would go through each word as a class and pick students to give answers as to what they thought the definition in the original language was and would be corrected as necessary.

Teacher Reflection