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#4057. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks test

Literature, level: Middle
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A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
Novel Test

Character Identification: Match the description with the correct character. You will use each answer only once.

1. wears hair in bun and a brown sweater; wants to help others A. Landon Carter
2. flaming red hair and freckles; overweight; loves to say "marvelous" B. Worth Carter
3. author of The Christmas Angel C. Angela Clark
4. skinny, pimple-faced, stuttering boy; was supposed to play the part D. Cecil
of Tom Thornton in the play at first E. Miss Garber
5. an ex-girlfriend who gets sick from too much "punch" at the dance F. Margaret Hays
6. ____'s Diner: the local teenager hangout G. Eric Hunter
7. a wealthy boy who learns to believe in miracles H. Mr. Jenkins
8. always wears a suit; used to getting his own way--whether at I. Eddie Jones
home or Washington, D.C. J. Lew
9. baseball pitcher; star quarterback; all-around stud K. Sally
10. has a glass eye and a crush on Landon L. Hegbert Sullivan
11. head cheerleader with nice legs; quarterback's girlfriend M. Jamie Sullivan
12. 20-year-old mechanic; easily confused by his own thoughts
13. director of the orphanage

Quote Identification: Match the quote with its speaker. You may choose a speaker more than once.

A. Landon Carter B. Mrs. Carter C. Mr. Worth Carter
D. Eric Hunter E. Rev. Hegbert Sullivan F. Jamie Sullivan

14. "Yeah, I might be full of crap,. . .but you're the one who's smitten with Jamie Sullivan."
15. "I may be irresponsible, but I'm nice irresponsible, if I do say so myself."
16. "He doesn't like your father much, either. . .Or your family."
17. "Maybe. . .you two should practice in front of the orphans, once you've got it down a little better."
18. "She could twist you in every way but normal."
19. "The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I was doing the 'right thing.'"
20. "You mean you're going to do this thing straight up?...I guess you're finally growing up."
21. "Do you ever wonder why things have to turn out the way they do?"
22. "My angel."

(Quotes Continued)
A. Landon Carter B. Mrs. Carter C. Mr. Worth Carter
D. Eric Hunter E. Rev. Hegbert Sullivan F. Jamie Sullivan

23. "What happened to your money in the bank?"
24. "What's your heart telling you to do?...Maybe. . .you're trying too hard to hear it."
25. "You've got the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. . .and even though I . . .wasn't always nice to you,
I wanted to let you know how I feel."
26. "In my mind it was the first time God had ever spoken directly to me, and I knew with certainty that I
wasn't going to disobey."
27. "I can no more give Jamie away than I can give away my heart."

Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer for the following items.
28. This story is told in the form of a:
A. metaphor B. biography C. flashback D. ballad

29. The primary setting is:
A. Beaufort, N.C., 1959 C. Washington, D.C., 1959
B. Charleston, S.C., 1959 D. Raleigh, N.C., 1959
30. Why does Jamie want Landon to be Tom Thornton in the Christmas play?
A. Eric already said "no."
B. Her father has always liked Landon.
C. She doesn't want people making fun of the memory of her mother.
D. Landon's father suggested it, knowing it would make him look well-rounded to colleges.

31. Why does Landon agree to be Tom Thornton?
A. He is afraid of his father.
B. He feels bad about harassing Hegbert in the past.
C. He thinks Jamie is beautiful.
D. He needs to get credit for drama class.

32. What is ironic about Worth Carter and role of "father"?
A. He wants his son to grow up like he did but is never home.
B. He treats his son like a servant.
C. He is only Landon's step-father and doesn't love him.
D. He never makes suggestions to Landon about his activities and choices.

33. What do Landon and his friends spend a lot of evenings doing?
A. sneaking into the drive-through movie theater
B. looking into Hegbert's windows
C. driving up and down Main Street looking for girls
D. eating boiled peanuts in the graveyard

34. Which of the following descriptions of Landon's grandfather is not a reason that Jamie and her father
disapprove of him? He was:
A. an abusive father B. a bootlegger C. a bank owner D. a landowner who cheated his
35. When does Landon first notice Jamie is becoming a pretty woman?
A. when she appears as the angel in the play
B. when he sees her reading to the kids at the orphanage
C. the first day of drama class
D. after Eric points out he "likes" her

36. Why does Landon run for student body president?
A. Eric tells him he'll make sure he wins, so why not?
B. His father tells him he is going to do it.
C. He thinks it will impress Hegbert.
D. It is the only thing at which he thinks he could be good.

37. Why doesn't Landon pay much attention to Jamie at the dance?
A. He is mortified to be there with her.
B. He notices Sally can't keep his eyes off her.
C. He is busy with his presidential duties.
D. He is worried about his ex-girlfriend.

38. Which of the following is not a way in which Jamie impressed Landon at the dance?
A. she helped Angela in the restroom
B. she smoothed out an awkward moment between Margaret and Eric
C. she confused Lew so that he couldn't bring himself to fight Landon
D. she didn't comment on the fact that kids were drinking alcohol

40. What emotion does Landon feel most often while around Jamie when they first get to know each other?
A. guilt B. pity C. anger D. admiration

41. Jamie is often described as having a "far off gaze" when questioned about the future. What literary
device is being utilized during these times?
A. flashback B. symbolism C. theme D. foreshadowing

42. Why does Jamie always carry her Bible around?
A. It was her mother's. C. She believes in sharing the good news.
B. It has her doctor's instructions in it. D. She helps her father prepare sermons.

43. Which of the following does Landon not do when helping Jamie with the orphans' Christmas?
A. passes out the gifts with her C. donates $200
B. decorates the rec. room with her D. collects the jars from around town

44. Inviting Jamie to Christmas dinner is significant because
A. she has never left her father on Christmas before.
B. it is the second-most important holiday of her faith.
C. Landon doesn't like his friends meeting his father.
D. it is the first time Landon has asked her to go somewhere because he wanted to ask her.

45. One of the first reasons Landon suspects Jamie might be sick is
A. because she faints at the play.
B. he notices a bruise on her finger.
C. her father warns him to keep her warm.
D. she lets it slip out just enough.

46. Who apologizes to Jamie for not always being kind to her and to tell her how sorry he is that she is sick?
A. Landon B. Lew C. Eddie D. Eric

47. How do Landon and Jamie pass the time each day?
A. They read the Bible together. C. They imagine a future together.
B. They talk about normal, every day things. D. They make plans to help the orphans.

48. How do Jamie and Landon get a glimpse of "heaven"?
A. They see it in each other's eyes. C. They watch a sunset on an island together.
B. They feel it in their kiss. D. They read about it in Corinthians.

49. Which of the following is not something Landon gains from his experience with Jamie?
A. a closer relationship with his father C. the knowledge that he'll make a good husband
B. a belief in miracles D. a deeper faith in God

50. To what does the title of this novel specifically refer?
A. Jamie and Landon's walks home C. Jamie's walk down the wedding aisle
B. Jamie's walk out of Landon's life D. Landon's walk around the town 40 years later