Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#406. Calendar Language

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Apr 19 20:35:12 PDT 1998 by Wendi Swiczkoski (
Arlington Elementary, Toledo, Ohio
Materials Required: any color marker including red, large lined paper
Activity Time: 10 min
Concepts Taught: To recognize the days of the week and sounds

I do this while doing calendar. One student is the calendar person and everyday they will take the days of the week and write on the large paper, Today is ______. Then as the third quarter comes I make it more thought provoking. Today is ___April ___,1998. This helps them to learn the days of the week and to help them to practice writing words. The teacher always does Monday's so that the students will have something to copy off of. Then we have the calendar person do the news for Monday. The children all help to spell the words. The teacher helps them by doing the sounds. Then what ever is the letter of the week u write it on Monday and then have students pick out words that begin with the letter for the week. Then we read the news and the students clap when we read a word with the letter of the week and circle the letter. Then the students go back and count the number of circles that was made and write that number on the left side. Make sure you stress that we are reading from left to right. Do this everyday and all the children will learn their days of the week and we have a lot of fun doing this. They feel that they know so much.