Grade: Elementary

#4073. Creative Short Story

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Wayne State, Detroit
Materials Required: Pen/pencil, paper, computer, software
Activity Time: 3 hours
Concepts Taught: Creat Writing

Students will write a short story with correct grammar and spelling.

Later Elementary 1. Write with developing fluency for multiple purposes to produce a variety of texts, such as stories, journals, learning logs, directions, and letters.

Grade 3-5. Students identify which types of software can be used most effectively for different types of data, for different information needs, or for conveying results to different audiences.
Learning Resources and Materials
Handout with starter ideas
Computer Lab (One student per computer)
Word Processing Software
Inspiration Software

Development of Lesson
-Bring up a short story/book previously read in class that everyone enjoyed and discuss with the class. Offer a made-up alternate ending to the story and give students the same opportunity to see how fun the creative process can be.

-The teacher will go through and perform the lesson first. The class will be asked for an idea, word, object, etc., from which he/she will first brainstorm and then create a short story as the class watches using a computer and an overhead projector, purposely creating spelling/grammatic errors to be later corrected.

The teacher will go over the handout with starter ideas for the short story.
Students will pick an idea, word, etc. from which they will create their story.
Using the Inspiration software, students will brainstorm ideas for their story.
Students will write a story and are told not to dwell on grammar/spelling on the first draft
Students will proofread and edit the story for grammar/spelling fixes. Find paper will be turned in with notes and brainstorming.

Visually impaired students who have trouble reading a computer screen will need to have their screen resolution increased and font sizes increased.

Confirm the students corrected the draft as per the teachers instructions
Confirm the students used the software appropriately both for the actual story as well as for use in brainstorming

Volunteers can read their story aloud to be discussed by the class.