Grade: Elementary

#4074. Letter to Santa

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Dec 18 20:38:47 PST 2007 by Benjamin Y (
Wayne State, Detroit
Materials Required: Pen/pencil, paper, computer,
Activity Time: 3 hours
Concepts Taught: Persuasive Letter writing

Students will write a persuasive letter

Later Elementary 1. Write with developing fluency for multiple purposes to produce a variety of texts, such as stories, journals, learning logs, directions, and letters.

Grade 3-5: Students explore various technology resources that could assist them in pursuing personal goals.
Learning Resources and Materials
Computer (Internet access for Webquest)
Word Processing Software

Development of Lesson
Teacher would ask students if they know what they want from Santa.
Students would be asked "What if your name wasn't on Santa's list and he doesn't know if you've been 'Naughty or Nice'."
Students would be ask "How could you persuade Santa you've been good and deserve the goodies you're asking for?"
Students letters will be mailed to the "North Pole"
Teacher would go through the Frosty webquest along with the students:

Students will create a list of what they want from Santa
Students will brainstorm and write down reasons they deserve to get these items
Students will write and type up the letter and turn in the first draft.
Students will then apply corrections to the letter per the teachers instructions
Letter will be mailed to the "North Pole" and a copy sent home to parents