Subject: Mathematics

#4079. Time

Mathematics, level: Kindergarten
Posted Tue Jan 15 06:05:27 PST 2008 by Anna Reid (
Hagood Elementary School, Pickens, USA
Materials Required: analog clock, digital clock, promethean board (or a white board will do)
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Analog/Digital Clocks

Background: The students will be given a lesson on the two types of clocks, analog and digital. This will help prepare them for the future lessons of telling time.

Lesson Introduction: Have students assemble on the carpet in a large group and explain that today we will be learning about clocks. Ask students to point to the classroom clock.

Activity 1: Show the students an analog clock. Have them repeat the word analog to you. Write it on the board. Explain that an analog clock has the numbers 1-12 along the edge. Have students count numbers. Point to the clock face and have them repeat "clock face." Ask the students how many hands are on the clock. (Answer: 2) Explain that the short hand is the hour hand and the long hand is the minute hand. The teacher will be observing students' answers and can go back to review as much as needed.

Activity 2: Show the students a digital clock. Have students repeat the word "digital" to you and write it on the board. Ask students how the digital clock is different from the analog clock? Explain that the hour is the first number, and the minutes come after the colon. Again, as before, observe students' understanding and spend as much time as needed until the students seem to gain complete understanding.

Expected Outcome: After the students have completed the activity, they will be able to recognize an analog clock and a digital clock with 100% accuracy.

Assessment: The teacher will assess the students by using a checklist to record whether or not they are able to name the type of clock.