Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#4086. How to Use Formulas

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Wed Jan 23 08:48:08 PST 2008 by Joy Ellison (
Pickens Middle School, Pickens, USA
Materials Required: Promethean board and flipcharts
Activity Time: 45 minutes- 1 hour
Concepts Taught: formulas, volume, surface area, cylinders


7-5.2: Apply strategies and formulas to determine the surface area and volume of the three-dimensional shapes prism, pyramid, and cylinder.

Essential Questions/Concept:

What does an outlet and plug have to do with how we use formulas?

What do volume of a cylinder and a Coke have in common?

How would knowing surface area come in handy while wrapping presents this Christmas season?


How to Use Formulas (remedial)
Volume and Surface Area of Cylinders


Through the process standards students will demonstrate an understanding of measuring volume with appropriate tools and finding perimeter,area, surface area, and volume using appropriate units. Students should be able to take ANY formula and be able to use it correctly.

Teacher Assessments:
Student questioning
Responses during Guided practice and Independent practice

Lesson Plan/Activities - Introductory Activity:
Intro lesson with "How to Use Formulas" (remedial mini-lesson). Use "12-7 how to use formulas.flp" to teach students to simply plug the correct numbers into the correct formula to find the answer.

Lesson Plan/Activities - Direct Instruction:
Teacher models how to find volume (review from Knoll's class) and surface area of a cylinder. Use "12-7 cylinders vol and sa.flp" to teach and for example problems for GP.

Lesson Plan/Activities - Guided Practice:
Students and teacher practice example problems, including two word problems, from flipchart. Students are called on to come to board to show work. All students try ALL problems. Students use teacher-made scaffolded handout on surface area steps to help them while they work.

Lesson Plan/Activities - Independent Practice:
Students complete p.92 Study Guide side. Students have p.92 Practice side for homework, so this will give them a chance to practice for their homework (IP is on surface area only- volume is review from Knoll's class Friday).

Lesson Plan/Activities - Focus and Review:
Review how to use formulas- PLUG IN numbers!

12-7 how to use formulas.flp
12-7 cylinders vol and sa.flp
Promethean board
Teacher-made scaffolded handout- Surface Area steps