Subject: Literature

#4088. When to brush our teeth (mini book)

Literature, level: Kindergarten
Posted Wed Jan 23 09:48:13 PST 2008 by mashael al-nowaiser (
effat college, saudi arabia- jeddah
Materials Required: Picture in a form of story -- glue -- coloring pencils.
Concepts Taught: Children will learn presentation skills- children will learn how to put story in order.

When to brush our teeth
Mini book
This is activity could be for KG-2, 3 or grade one.

Children will learn presentation skills.
Children will imagine a story & put it in order.

Picture in a form of story; a brush, boy eating, boy wakes up -- glue -- coloring pencils.

1. The teacher will have ready cut picture in a form of story.
2. The teacher shows the student an example.
3. Each student will create a story from given pictures.

Follow-up activity:
Each child will present his or her story to the classroom. Children will enjoy it 