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#4089. Connecting School to Work

other, level: Middle
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Gettys Middle School, Easley, USA
Materials Required: Internet Access, Printer, Pocket Folders, List of Career Websites
Activity Time: 45-60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Career Exploration and Planning

Connecting School to Work
Grade Level: 6

SC Career Guidance Model: Learning to Work
Standard 3: Students will explore careers and the connection of school to work

-Identify career clusters
-Identify and describe skills learned in school that are applied at home and in the community
-Identify resources for career planning
-Identify how personal activities and interests influence career choices
-Explain why people choose certain careers and leisure activities
-Recognize that flexibility in career choices is necessary in the career planning process

The students will be able to:
-Make a connection between school and work
-Explore career choices and career clusters to develop realistic career goals
-Identify and access career information and resource material

-Computer lab
-Internet access
-Pocket Folders
-List of Websites:

Lesson Introduction:
Students will use the Internet to explore their career interests and match them to potential careers and to suitable postsecondary colleges and universities. The activity will encourage students to begin thinking about life-long learning and working whereas to promote personal and professional growth.

-Explain the lesson plan to students
-Give students a list of websites for searching career clusters and job opportunities (see last page)
-Go to the computer lab and have students search the Internet sites
-Ask students if they found the Internet to be helpful and which sites they would recommend to other students
-Have a discussion of how current classes relate to their career interests and future job possibilities
-Have students begin a portfolio by including the list of websites and an overview printout of their top career cluster choice

There will be a follow-up by having students continue to work on their portfolios and have regular visits with the counselor to discuss career clusters. This will allow for a review of the lesson plan results.

Career Websites Handout