Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#4093. Wordo--A review game for vocabulary.

Language, level: Middle
Posted Sat Jan 26 19:33:58 PST 2008 by Jan Spivey (
Pickens Middle School, Pickens, SC
Materials Required: "Wordo" board (paper), pencils, beans(or anything to cover the words)
Concepts Taught: Reinforcement of vocabulary.

This review game is based on the game "Bingo" so you will need to make a "Wordo" board on paper, and copy it so that each student has a board. The wordo board will have the vocabulary you are teaching printed out in the spaces. I give each student a handful of beans to use to place in the spaces, but you could use anything to cover the words.Then I call out the definitions of the different words and the students place their bean over the word that they believe matches the definition. When someone has "wordo", they have to go back and tell me each word that matches the definition. If they get them all correct, I usually give out some type of small reward. However, if they are not correct, we keep playing until someone has "wordo" and can give me the matching words and definitions that I have called out. The students really enjoy this game and it is a great way to reinforce vocabulary of any type.