Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#4094. Travel Brochure to Ancient Greece

History, level: Middle
Posted Sun Jan 27 18:51:41 PST 2008 by Sally Jones (
Gettys Middle School, Easley, USA
Materials Required: internet ready computers, paper, and pencils
Activity Time: 2 classes (60 minutes class periods)
Concepts Taught: using the interent for research and creating a brochure to display findings

Lesson Title: Travel Brochure to Ancient Greece

Standard: 6-2.2~ Summarize the significant political and cultural features of the classical Greek civilization, including the concept of citizenship and the early forms of democratic government in Athens; the role of Alexander the Great as a political and military leader; and the contributions of Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Aristotle, and others in philosophy, architecture, literature, the arts, science, and mathematics.

Objectives: TSWBAT research Ancient Greece using the internet to create a travel brochure about Greece.

Essential Question: What are important facts about Ancient Greece?

• Internet ready computers (mobile lab)
• paper copy of brochure
• pencils
• textbooks

1. Teacher will explain to students that they are going to start researching information about Ancient Greece, so that they will be able to create a brochure.
2. Teacher will give each student an outline for what the brochure will need to have included in it.
3. Teacher will explain to students that they are only allowed to visit certain websites.
4. Teacher will give each student a list of websites that they are able to visit to retrieve information.
5. Teacher will explain to students that they will need to write any information that they have found on the outline that she has given them.
6. Students will be assigned a number. This is the number of the laptop that they will be using.
7. Students will get their laptops and begin working.
8. Teacher will walk around and monitor students.

Assessment: Brochures will be graded upon completion.