Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#4098. Elements of Design: Texture

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jan 28 10:54:52 PST 2008 by Jason Blalock (
Liberty Elementary School, Liberty, SC, USA
Materials Required: sand paper, tissue, pencils, 11x13 drawing paper, chart paper, marker, a shoe
Activity Time: 55 minutes
Concepts Taught: Understand how artist use texture

Unit Title:: Elements of Design: Texture______________________________

3IIB - Select and use various elements and principles of design to communicate personal ideas in their artworks.

The students will be able to study an object and draw the object in detail using lines and texture.

Ask students to take off their right shoe and hold it in the air. Advise them that you will ask some questions about shoes and want them to raise their shoe in order to answer. Discuss what makes shoes unique. Talk about shoe design and the importance of paying attention to detail. Ask questions about recent improvements to shoe design (Velcro, Lights, Heeleys).

1. Review last weeks lesson on line. Ask, "What is a line?" (LS: auditory) 1. "Can you find a line on your shoe?" (understanding) Trace several lines found on shoe with your finger. (LS: kinesthetic)
2. Provide sand paper and tissue paper for students to feel. 2. Ask students to compare the difference between these two items (rough, smooth) (analyzing). Define the word texture. Ask students to name other objects that are rough-list examples on the board. Ask students to identify other things that are smooth-list examples on board. --Have class verify answers on the board.
3. Bring focus back on shoe by asking, 3. "How would you describe texture on your shoe? (understanding) (auditory) Rough? Smooth? Both?" Ask students to close their eyes, feel the texture of their own shoe and describe it to a partner or group. 4. Also, to visualize how they might would illustrate that texture and explain. (apply)
4. Teacher draws sandpaper and tissue paper on the
board and ask students to identify which drawing
represents tissue paper (LS: visual). Explain how you know. Post same questions for sand paper. Discuss how to draw texture. Teacher demonstrates how to draw several more textures on board.
Guided Practice:
1. Instruct students to fold paper "hamburger style."
2. Demonstrate how to draw a shoe from the top or side viewpoint on chart paper in front of the class. (visual)
3. Focus on lines and texture of shoe. Add these details to drawing.
4. Instruct students to draw their shoe (emphasize lines and texture) on the left side of their paper. (kinesthetic) Monitor and observe students drawing.
Independent Practice:
1. (Tr.) Revisit discussion about shoe improvements.
2. 5. Inform students that they are to redesign their shoe on the right side of the paper. (creating) (kinesthetic) They are to focus again on lines and texture. They also will add new improvements to their shoe - DETAILS!
Allow students to share their shoe drawings to the class. Have the class identify the lines and texture and improvements made for the shoe design. Collect shoe drawing and check for understanding of how to draw lines and texture.