Grade: Elementary

#4101. Compound Words

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jan 28 16:47:30 PST 2008 by Ginger Pearson (
West End Elem., Easley, USA
Materials Required: white construction paper, crayons
Activity Time: 20 minutes.
Concepts Taught: compound words

Write a list of student generated compound words on the board. Have each students choose a compound word. Have each student fold the ends of a piece of paper to the center. You will end up with paper that looks like a cabinet with two doors on the outside and when you open the paper one larger space. On the two outside pieces of paper (the cabinet doors) have the student draw and label the two words that make up her compound word. Example: snow and man. I would draw snow falling on one side and write the word snow and on the other side draw a stickman and write man. On the inside of the paper (cabinet doors) I would write the word snowman and draw a snowman with three circles and a top hat. This activity helped my students visualize that when you put two words together you get a completely new word. (I have a cabinet in the back of my room covered in colored paper. Anytime my students find compound words in their reading, I write the new word on our list. The list is growing very fast.)