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Grade: Middle

#4102. Proaganda Collage

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jan 29 17:16:15 PST 2008 by Diane Milton ().
Dacusville Middle School, Easley, SC
Materials Required: numerous magazines (different types), scissors, glue sticks, large construction paper
Activity Time: 2 class periods
Concepts Taught: Propaganda Techniques

Daily Lesson Plan
Propaganda Collage
(Title of Lesson)

Teacher Name: Diane Milton

Subject: Reading/6th grade Class Periods: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 6th

Academic Objectives: Standards: 6-2.3 6-2.4 6-2.10
Students will use various magazines to create a collage that gives an example of each of the following 5 propaganda techniques. (bandwagon, stereotype, snob-appeal, name calling, and testimonial)

Materials: numerous magazines (different types), scissors, glue sticks, large construction paper (various colors in order for students to choose; to encourage creativity)

Lesson Introduction:
Have several ads/promotional pictures cut from magazines that promote products.
Bring several products from home and begin with mini-commercials.
Examples could include peanut butter, toothpaste, shampoo, or cereal.
Begin by pretending to advertise for a particular cereal brand or shampoo brand. Do this for several products and then review the definitions of the following propaganda techniques.

1-bandwagon- urges you to do something because everyone else is doing it.
Ex. "don't be the last person to have one" or "nine out of ten people are already using . . ..."

2- stereotype- a fixed idea about all members of a group, doesn't allow for individual differences
Ex.- "You just can't trust politicians."

3- name calling- uses labels to promote negative feelings toward someone instead of using reasons or evidence
Ex: "Don't hire him, he's so lazy."

4- testimonial- famous people recommend products to persuade you to use it too
Ex: Michael Jordan promoting Nike shoes

5- snob appeal- product is associated with wealth or glamour
Ex: "The average person thinks any old toothpaste will do. However, you know better. Shiny Ultra White is designed for people who demand quality- people like you."

Instructional Process:

Have students gather materials and create a collage.
Students must cut out pictures that demonstrate each of the five techniques discussed. If students are unable to find pictures for each type, then they may cut out a product and write a caption above it that would fit one of the five types listed.


Have students watch TV and write down two commercials promoting products and the propaganda technique that was used to promote the product. Allow students share the following day.
An extension could be to have students create commercials as a group and have other students respond by deciding which propaganda technique was used.


Students will be graded by whether or not they have a picture for each of the five types and if each picture was a true representation of the technique they have it listed as. (Collages will be hung in the hallway for all classes to view.)