Grade: Middle

#4104. Tone using Music

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jan 29 18:07:42 PST 2008 by sb (
fort bend isd, sugar land, tx
Materials Required: three songs about the same subject, CD player, Tone worksheet with lyrics, class set of tone words
Activity Time: 30-40
Concepts Taught: tone (could be adapted for mood)

Here is the lesson. It was given to me at a NJWPT conference and I take no credit for tis advent.

1. First, I have a class set of tone words. They are organized in positive, negative, and neutral (great side lesson for connotation at this time)
2. Review meaning of tone.
3. Then I give them a page that has the lyrics (I don't repeat the chorus) of Bonnie Tyler's Holding out for a hero" Cha Kroeger's "Hero" and Mariah Carey's "Hero" Next to each set of lyrics is a little box that has "Tone: " on it. Also, I make a point that they don't have to like these song, that I do not have any emotional attachment to these (I have found this cuts down on them deciding they should comment on my song choice)
4. Then we listen to the first song. We discuss it and we figure out which tone would work. Also, we underline the "proof" of each song.
5. Then on the second song, I have the kids try it. I tell them to give it a try, that we will discuss it after, but just try to figure out what the tone it by themselves. We discuss and this is where you can point out the errors they are making.
6. The last one I have them do by themselves, underlining proof.

Grading: And then I take off 20 points from the assignment if they get the tone wrong.