Grade: Senior

#4106. resume writing

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
Posted Tue Feb 5 16:14:19 PST 2008 by Erin Thomas (
BHS, Irvine, California
Materials Required: graphic organizers, LCD projector
Activity Time: 1 class period
Concepts Taught: resumes

Objective (Learning Goals):
Students will review and discuss the requirements for writing a cover letter
Students will practice writing a correctly formatted cover letter in preparation for a mock job interview

CA Content Standards:
Writing Applications 2.5 (a-d) Job Applications and Resumes: 2.5 Write job applications and rsums:
a. Provide clear and purposeful information and address the intended audience appropriately.
b. Use varied levels, patterns, and types of language to achieve intended effects and aid comprehension.
c. Modify the tone to fit the purpose and audience.
d. Follow the conventional style for that type of document (e.g., rsum, memorandum) and use page formats, fonts, and spacing that contribute to the readability and impact of the document.
Lesson Plan:
Introduction to Cover Letter Writing
o I will begin this lesson by asking the students a series of questions to assess their prior knowledge of cover letter writing (Ex. What is the purpose of a cover letter? What type of information do you know should be included? What is the most important part of a cover letter? etc.)
o I will then provide the students with a handout "Cover Letter Writing"
 We will review this handout as a class. I will instruct the students on what to highlight, underline and circle. This will pull out the most important information included on the handout.
o I will then use the LCD Projector to show the students how to use the Letter Writing Template on a computer to create a cover letter. I will instruct the students to take step-by-step notes on how to use this formatting tool.
o As the students are taking notes, I will ask questions to assess their learning.
o After the LCD presentation, I will provide the students with a sample cover letter which they can keep and use as a reference.
o Finally, in preparation of writing their cover letters and the eventual completion of their mock interviews, I will handout "job descriptions" to each student providing them with the necessary information they will need to apply for a specific job.
o I will review with the class the different "job openings" and discuss with them the information that they need to in include about the job they are applying for.
o The last part of the class period will be dedicated to allowing students time