Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#4109. Rhythm Basketball (reading)

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Feb 11 17:51:10 PST 2008 by Dennis Cumbow (, Bristol
Materials Required: a chalkboard and paper football
Activity Time: 30 -45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Using quarter and eigth notes

Depending on the knowledge and skill level of students will determine rhythm difficulty.

I start with one measure (4/4) and use a combination of quarter and eighth notes. I also use quarter rests. Divide the class into two groups. Write a rhythm on the board and teach how to clap (or use sticks) it out. When the students are comfortable with clapping rhythms start the game. Write a rhythm on the board, have a student from the starting team come up to the board. Have the rest of the class pat their legs keeping a steady beat. Count the student at the board off... one two ready and (1234) on the next beat they clap the rhythm. If they get it right they get to shoot the basketball. Use the trashcan if necessary. The student can try for 1, 2, or 3 point goals. If student makes the basket he/she goes to the board and adds to the team's score. Meanwhile you are erasing and writing another rhythm on the board for the next team. You can also use a paper football instead of a basketball. Later you can add triplets and sixteenth notes. You can also reverse and have Aural Rhythm Basketball. This game you play the rhythm on piano and the students write the rhythm on the board. Good Luck!