Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#411. Lincoln log cabin

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Apr 23 20:54:25 PDT 1998 by Paul (Menlo77@MSN).
elementary art teacher, Peoria IL, USA
Materials Required: straight pretzels, school glue, constr. paper
Activity Time: one 45 min. period
Concepts Taught: variety of materials, tool usage, good listening

provide each student with 5" x5" square of constr. paper. show photo of log cabin. provide bowls of pretzels on tables(several bags...some students may want to eat pretzels...I discourage issue)glue on paper about 2in.apart:glue in place
glue more pretzels across first two to build log cabin" when cabin is about 2 inhes high...provide students with 3" squares of constr. paper folded in half for a roof.