Grade: Senior

#4120. Go Ask Alice

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
Posted Sun Feb 24 09:33:54 PST 2008 by Suzanne Noble (Suzanne Noble).
Yakima School District, Yakima, WA
Materials Required: Copies of the book and audio version of the book and the worksheets I am providing
Activity Time: This unit will take ten days or so
Concepts Taught: Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Beware of the strong language and have parents sign a permission slip before you use this book.
And As I am trying to paste this file into this box, I see that the formatting has been erased. Go ahead and email me if you want all the lessons in one file and I can easily email that to you as an attachment. This book was quite profound and held the attention of a difficult wordly group I taught a few years ago. The sheet below is actually in a table format.

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September 16 -- December 25

Directions: Place the character's names next to the correct description of their character.

Choices: alice, Diary, roger, Alexandria, tim,
alice's mom, alice's dad, alice's grandmother,
alice's grandfather.

Character's name Description
Boy on whom alice has an overwhelming crush
A professor

A homemaker

Beloved female member of alice's family
Beloved male member of alice's family
Book where alice writes her deep thoughts and feelings
Alice's younger brother

Alice's younger sister

An intelligent, sensitve girl