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Subject: Science

#4123. Live Butterfly Science Fair Projects

Science, level: all
Posted Wed Feb 27 13:53:19 PST 2008 by Randi Jones (Randi Jones).
Butterfly Science Projects
Butterfly & Nature Store, WA, USA
Materials Required: butterfly rearing kit
Activity Time: 3 weeks
Concepts Taught: life cycle, science, insects, butterflies

Does cold or warm temperatures affect how a caterpillar grows?

Record the date your caterpillars arrive.

Place 3 cups with caterpillars and food in them in a warm area of the room, like a high shelf.

Place 3 other cups with caterpillars and food in them in a cooler place in the room, like near the floor.

Measure the temperatures at each location daily and record them. There should be 2 to 3 degrees in difference between the 2 spots for best results.

Record the date the caterpillars in each area becomes a chrysalis.

Did the caterpillars grow at the same rate in both places? Which place did they grow fastest? Why would a caterpillar grow best at this temperature?

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