Grade: 3-5
Subject: Phys Ed

#413. Dribbling the ball by head (soccer

Phys Ed, level: 3-5
Posted Sun Feb 21 09:10:06 PST 2010 by mohammed Asim Ghazi (mohammed Asim Ghazi).
Al-Anjal International School, Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Concepts Taught: **Dribble student to head the ball properly

Dribbling the ball by head (soccer)
Tools : Tennis - Football - Balls -- Wall - Umbrella -- Flag
Time: ( 45) Minutes
Instructional Procedures

Warm-up: Three students appointed by holding in the hands of each other and they are drag-net and running behind the rest of the students without leaving their hands and touching join the net .... And so on.
Exercise of Action
(sitting four) jump high with the lifting of the arms tilted high (open Umbrella)
(Stand up open - arms are high) bend the trunk forward down. (Drilling ax)
(stand up ) Arms extended to the highest exchange . (Flag)
(Stand up ) Walk forward with roll neck. (Progress with caution)
(sitting) Walk forward. (Pass under the walls )

Dribbling the ball by head:
- Warm circular mini-hit balls peppered with outstanding light head.
- Individual applications of the skill and then an even kick the ball head and Access use of the wall first.
- The applications Activated in dribbles head the ball in the air, taking into account the views and dribbles place the ball on the front or the front of the head.

Game pass hands and kick her head:
Students divided in two by each team pass the ball among themselves so as to have the other team's goal and passes the ball at the top of any student who is registered and the other team tries to take the ball to score the winning team is the largest number of goals.

Students are expected at the end of the lesson to achieve the following behavioral objectives:
****The students learns how to dribbling and Kick the ball .
****The students have ability to choose sport cloth .
****The student have development cooperation.
The technique of assessment
Note the track record of performance with error correction
Mohammed Asim Ghazi
P.E teacher on AlAnjal International School
Jeddah Saudi Arabia