Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

#4130. Our world of colors!

Science, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Mar 15 16:02:39 PST 2008 by J. Lynn raye (J. Lynn raye).
Spindale, USA
Materials Required: A duck figure, glue, feathers, plastic farm animals, Happy Baby a touch and feel book
Activity Time: 10:30-11:00 Teacher directed activity time
Concepts Taught: get children to notice colors are in animals too! (yellow duck)

7:30 is arrivial/potty/wash hands *All Centers Open!
8:30 is breakfast
9:00 is potty time/wash hands
9:15 is outdoor time Gross/motor *sing ring around the roses and look for colors outside
10:15 is potty time/wash hands
10:30 Teacher directed activities
(Read Happy Baby a touch and feel book and let the children feel the textures while we talk about the colors and pass around plastic animals so the children can see the characterists of each animal up close. After we read our story our art project will be to pour glue all over a cardboard duck then paste yellow feathers all over the duck. I want the children to feel the texture of the feathers, we will talk about the color to get them talking and thinking and they will help me use the glue and put the feathers on for fine motor development. Then we will compare the duck in the book to the duck we made.
we will also send a note home letting the parents know what we did and the goal of the project then sugest they take their children to the pond to feed the ducks and talk about their differences.
11:00 we potty and wash hands and sing Old macdonald had a farm.
11:15 Lunch
12:00 Nap time
1:30 Departure/potty/ note to home
For now all my children leave by 1:30