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Subject: Science

#4134. What is MAtter?

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Mar 21 08:06:42 PST 2008 by Kristin Padilla (Kristin Padilla).
Whittier, CA
Materials Required: 2 glass cups
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Matter, states of Matter, Pysical properties

Ch. 1 Section 1: Physical properties of Matter Notes
Objective Students will learn what matter is, and how to observe its physical Properties. About the 3 States of Matter


Matter is Anything that takes up space.

Example; a desk, paper, you Miss Padilla, Mrs. Baldwin.

Physical Properties is anything you can observe about an object using your senses.

What does matter look like?

You can observe that something is green, colorful, shiny, tall, even hot or cold.

You use your sense of Sight to observe physical properties of matter.

What does Matter feel like?

You use you Sense of touch to observe the physical properties of matter.

Rough, Smooth, Soft, Sharp, Cold Furry

What Does Matter Taste Like?

You can use your sense of taste to observe physical properties of matter.

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter

What does Matter Smell?

You can use your sense of Smell to observe the Physical properties of Matter.

Smell a skunk, roses

3 Matters of State

States: the different forms of Matter.

Solids: It takes up a specific Amount of space and has definite Space.
Ex. A book will always be the same shape no matter what or where it is at. In a shelf? In your hands? FYI show it with a book

Volume: is how much space an object takes up.
~ It will always be the same.

Liquids: A type of Matter that Volume will stay the same. The shape may change.

Ex: The same amount of water may change shape in two different cups. If one is long and skinny then the water will be long and skinny. As opposed if it is short and fat then its shape will be short and fat. (FYI Might want to take 2 glasses and pour water in it.)

Gas: There is no definite shape or definite volume.

~ It takes up the entire space.

Ex. Air

Summary (ask questions at end to see if they understood it)

What is Matter?

What is Physical properties of Matter?

What are your Five senses?

What are the three states of Matter?