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Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#4135. Career Choice Comparison

other, level: Senior
Posted Sun Mar 23 16:40:39 PST 2008 by Keisha Crenshaw (Keisha Crenshaw).
Materials Required: Computers with Inspiration 8.0, overhead projector and screen, internet access
Activity Time: 5 to 7 class sessions
Concepts Taught: Career planning and research, internet searching and oral presentation


Students will research and explore career choices
Students will evaluate their interests and abilities and link them to possible career choices
Students will organize a diagram, using Inspiration Software, comparing two possible career choices
Students will present their findings to the class

This assignment is intended to enhance Career and Employability Skills, specifically Michigan Content Standard 2: Career Planning 2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of working for self and working for others, and being an employee of a large or small organization.

Resources and Materials
Computers with Inspiration Software
Overhead projector and screen
Internet access
One copy of Inspiration Directions for each student
List of career evaluation criteria

An open classroom discussion will take place about career choices
Each student will be asked to write down what they think their ideal job would be
Students will be asked about current/past jobs, if any
Teacher will present a sample diagram comparing two of her past jobs, using an Inspiration template

This will be an individual assignment
Students can research their career choices online or using any other suitable source (i.e. classified ads, industry magazines, library resources)
Computer lab time can be used to create their diagram using Inspiration
Career evaluation criteria include:
-training or education required
-personal interest
-company size
-flexibility of scheduling
-advancement opportunity

Students will have various choices such as using their current or past job and comparing it to a future possibility
The future career objective can include some form of entrepreneurship
Students will give a presentation in which they should clearly discuss the two options they have chosen to research

Students will be given criteria on which to compare the career choices
Students will be graded on:
-the visual clarity of their diagram
-the description of each career option
-their presentation and understanding of the differences in career choices

The assignment will conclude with another open class discussion on:
-if and why their thoughts have changed on their ideal career choice
-if they have been inspired by their classmates' research
-students will again write down what they think their ideal job would be
Students will write a brief summary of what was different than they expected