Grade: Elementary

#4138. Family Affair

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 24 19:48:42 PST 2008 by Ellecia Chapman (Ellecia Chapman).
Wayne State University , Detroit, USA
Materials Required: Pencil , paper and computer and kidspiration
Activity Time: 2 week
Concepts Taught: Learning to write complete sentences

*Writing about the people in your family.
*Write 2-3 sentences to go the picture in the written expression.
* Concept map using the software Kidspiration.

W.GN.00.03 write a brief informational piece such as a page for a class book using drawings, words, word-like clusters, and/or sentences.

W.PR.00.01 with teacher assistance, consider the audience's reaction as they plan or informational writing.

W.PR.00.02 brainstorm to generate and structure ideas for narrative writing
Learning Resources and Materials

Learning Resources
-Letting the children learn more about their families
-Letting students learn how to research

Development of Lesson
The students will be informed that they will have to learn about their family and learn about some family member they may not even know. They will need their parents help. Also tell them they will need to learn how to form complete sentences. I will show them the software Kidspiration and tell them that they will be creating a concept map to brainstorm.

The students will make a family tree using Kidspiration concept map. They will then brainstorm and create a web using the software Kidspiration. I will have them ask their family members about anything that will help them and write down all that is said. Have the kids keep track of all their information together on certain families. I want them to write 2-3 sentences with each picture so we all can who that person is to them.

I will give the students a paper that has all the directions on. I will also have a short example on how they should start their map. I will have a time for class that will only for questions for this assignment. I will look at their notes so that if I think they should get more information on a person if so go back and ask more questions.


I will let the students know that there is a dead line for this assignment. They will be graded on what questions they asked. Also how far they went back and also how far they went. They will be graded on how creative their map looks and the 2-3 sentences that go with the picture. There will be a total of 100pt 50 pts for research and 50pts for final map.


After everything is done I will have each student come to the front of the room to talk about their map have them tell about what each picture is about. Have them tell us what they had to go through to find out about the members. Was it hard or easy because some families are not that big?

Teacher Reflection

I have not done this lesson but I think that some kids would love to find out about their family history. When I do become a teacher I will see if there needs to be any changes or any additions to this lesson.