Grade: Elementary
Subject: History

#4142. revolutionary news

History, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Apr 1 13:12:54 PST 2008 by Katherine Ingrao (Katherine Ingrao).
Wayne State Univesity, Detroit, USA
Materials Required: projector, powerpoint, internet access, video camera
Activity Time: two weeks
Concepts Taught: New broadcasts

Lesson Plan Title: Revolutionary News
Students will be able to work in groups to create a news program.

Students will be able to use the Internet to research their chosen topic and write their news story.

Students will be able to produce a PowerPoint slide show to use as each student is giving their news report.

Students will be able to use a video camera and they will take turns recording their groups' newscast.
Important Facts:
Components of a Newscast: The stories and reports such as International stories, Local Interest, traffic, and weather that make up a typical news cast.
3.a.2 Students know how to insert various objects (e.g., photos, graphics, sound, video) into word processing documents, presentations, or web documents.
1.b.7 Students identify search strategies for locating needed information on the internet.
3.b.1 Students collaborate with classmates using a variety of technology tools to plan, organize, and create a group project.
5 -- U3.2.1 Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each side during the American Revolution with respect to military leadership, geography, types of resources, and incentives.
5 -- U3.2.2 Describe the importance of Valley Forge, Battle of Saratoga, and Battle of Yorktown in the American Revolution.
Learning Resources and Materials:
Video camera
Video projector
Recordable DVDs
Development of Lesson:
Over the next few class periods we will be creating and taping our own newscast. All of our stories will be centered on important battles, policies, and people from the Revolutionary War. We will work together in small groups to come up with our stories and then we will all take turns using the video camera to tape our news programs.
Each group will be given 5 writing assignments that will help them focus on the topics of their newscasts. Out of the 5 writing assignments, the group will be required to include 1 international story, 1 local interest story, 2 stories about a policy made during the war or a major battle, and one story of the group's choice. Each person in the group will be responsible for their own story. Each person will also have to create a powerpoint presentation that will be shown in the background while their story is being read on camera. When each group has completed filming their newscasts we will all watch them together as a class to wrap up our unit on the American Revolution.
1. Explain the parts of a newscast
2. Split class up into groups of 5
3. Monitor group's development of their newscast stories
4. Allow students access to Powerpoint when their stories are nearing completion
5. Demonstrate to each group how to operate the video camera and tripod.
6. Demonstrate to each group how to operate the video projector to run Powerpoint
7. Allow groups to begin to tape their newscasts
Accommodations/ Adaptations:
I have four special needs students that I needed to think about when preparing my lesson. One of my four students has a mild learning disability that limits his ability to concentrate for the same length of time as the average student. I will require him to perform a duty with in his group of setting up the equipment and helping each group with their taping. This will keep him involved in the lesson and help to focus his excess amounts of energy.
My second special needs student has limited speech abilities and so in our classroom we have an AAC device for her to use. The AAC device will assist her in giving a news report if she so chooses in her group. The use of powerpoint will also allow her to communicate her portion of the newscast if she chooses not to be an anchor.
My third special needs student is hearing impaired. This student will utilize the Frequency-Modulated (FM) Amplification System if needed during the taping of the group's newscasts to be able to communicate with their group members. The student shouldn't have any further trouble communicating with the group but I will be monitoring the process of each group in case there are problems.
My fourth special needs student is physically disabled and not able to use a standard computer keyboard. If it is possible I will try and provide a switch system to operate the video equipment. If this is impossible than I will set up our touch screen computer to the video projector in order for this student to be involved in the process of taping.
Assessment/Evaluation of Student Learning:
Students will be assessed and evaluated by the quality of their newscasts and information that they put into their individual stories. They will also be observed by me during the process for group participation and cooperation.
To wrap up our unit on the American Revolution we will all watch as a group the newscasts that each of the groups created.