Subject: Language

#4144. Building Short-Vowel Words

Language, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu Apr 3 14:10:41 PST 2008 by Jenny Fracalosy (Jenny Fracalosy).
Materials Required: letter cards; assorted picture cards; teacher-prepared worksheet
Activity Time: 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Building Short-Vowel Words

ELA Content Standards:
Phonemic Awareness 1.9: Blend vowel-consonant sounds orally to make words or syllables.
Decoding and Word Recognition 1.14: Match consonant and short-vowel sounds to appropriate letters.

All students will review the short sounds of a, e, i, and o previously discussed in class.
All students will blend consonant sounds with short u to read and write words.

Materials: letter cards; assorted picture cards; teacher-prepared worksheet

Whole Group

Time Required:
60 minutes

Method of Evaluation:
Observation and student work

♥Ask students what vowel helpers we have learned so far (a, e, i, o). Have students read the four words using these vowels displayed in the pocket chart.
♥Tell them that we are going to learn another vowel helper.
♥ Have students repeat the letter u and say the sound.

♥Display letter cards a, b, d, g, h, i, j, m, n, p, r, t, u, and w. Using the letter cards, model how to build bug. Say: First I'll stretch out the sounds: /b/ /u/ /g/. How many sounds do you hear? The first sound is /b/. I'll put up a b to spell that. The next sound is /u/. What letter spells that? The last sound is /g/. What letter should I choose for that?
♥ Next, remove the b. Ask: Which letter should I add to build jug? Model how to read jug by blending /j/ with /u/ and /g/.
♥ Continue making and blending short u words by substituting d, h, r, and t.
♥Pass out letter cards to partners. Ask to find the short u. Tell them now we're going to build short u words together. Model ut, then cut.

♥Now, with your partner I want you to build some more ut words. Switch off building word, sounding it out, and saying the word. Call on volunteers to share the words they made. Students will use white boards to write the words that they build.
♥ Have them build more ug words with their partners.
♥ Closing: Have students draw a picture that represents his or her favorite vowel sound. Encourage students to write the name of the picture and underline the vowel in the word. Have high students use their vowel word in a sentence.
♥ If time allows, have students share their illustrations with the class and tell why they have chosen that particular vowel as their favorite.