Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#4146. Money Life Game

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 5 09:37:20 PDT 2008 by Meghan Webb (Meghan Webb).
Concepts Taught: Money

Money "Life" Game

1. Give each student a total of $100 (Mixture of Bills and Cents)
2. Have the students draw the deck of cards to chance their luck and calculate the amounts.
3. The person with the most amount of money at the end of the game wins.


1. Payday: Collect 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 dollars
2. Toilet Leak Pay $15.00 to the plumber
3. Pay Parking 25 cents
4. Pay Parking Ticket $5.00
5. You caught the flu! Dr. Bill $26.84
6. Income Tax Refund. You get $12.76
7. Yes! You won the lottery! You get $36.00
8. Dirty Dishes. Pay $1.67 for soap.
9. Your best friend finally pays you back. You get $3.00.
10. Whoo! Hoo! You found $6.75 on the sidewalk.
11. Yes! You get a refund from your electric bill. You get $13.44.
12. Uh! Oh! Gotta buy those season football tickets. You pay $22.00.
13. Clothes are dirty. Pay $5.14 to get your clothes clean at the Laundromat.
14. Whoops! Going to run out of gas. You pay $4.44.
15. Yes! You found money in the dryer. Collect $7.16.
16. All right! You found money in the bottom of your backpack. Collect $2.20.
17. Uh Oh! Cafeteria bill. You pay $3.14.
18. Whoo! Hoo! Your mom just gave you some money! Collect $15.00.
19. Mmmmmm. . ...gotta have that Taco Bell. You pay $1.47 for a burrito.
20. Uh Oh! The baby is sick. You pay $4.11 for cold medicine.
21. You're in luck. You just won 10 cents!
22. Gotta buy cat litter. You pay $2.22.
23. Return some clothes at Wal-mart. You get back $19.66.
24. Yes! You won the lottery! Collect 2 cents!
25. Yes! You won the lottery! Collect $26.00.
26. Gotta buy new socks. You pay $1.56.
27. Yes! You get a refund from your water bill. You get $18.65.
28. Income Tax Refund. You get 30 cents.
29. Oh no! Cavity. Pay the dentist $15.78.
30. Need bread to make sandwiches. Pay $35 cents.
31. Drip! Drip! Water Leak. You pay $1.14 for a new faucet part.
32. Ouch! You broke your leg! Pay the doctor $27.99.
33. Car Insurance Refund. You get $29.44.