Grade: Elementary

#4151. Sound Awareness Reversal Game

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 5 09:47:24 PDT 2008 by Meghan Webb (Meghan Webb).

Sound Awareness Reversal Game

I am going to say two words and then say them backwards. If I say dog. ., it would be hot dog. If I say base. . ..ball, it would be ball base.

1. Say "corn pop" backward (popcorn)
2. Say "drop rain" backward (raindrop)
3. Say "cake cup" backward (cup cake)
4. Say "kick ball" backward (ball kick)
5. Say "baby doll" backward (doll baby)
6. Say "pop lolli" backward (lollipop)

Listen to the sounds. Can you say the sounds backwards to form a word?
1. ten /t/ /e/ /n/ net /n/ /e/ /t/
2. pot /p/ /o/ /t/ top /t/ /o/ /p/
3. pat /p/ /a/ /t/ tap /t/ /a/ /p/
4. nap /n/ /a/ /p/ pan /p/ /a/ /n/
5. stop /st/ /o/ /p/ pots /p/ /o/ /ts)
6. sleep /sl/ /ea/ /p/ peel /p/ /ea/ /l/
8. fine /f/ /i/ /ne/ knife /n/ /i/ /fe/