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#416. Space

, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Jun 8 17:28:07 PDT 1998 by Becky (
Farley Elementary, Paducah, Ky 42003

Here are some cool space ideas for all you early childhooders.
A lot of these came from the VBS unit for babies and toddlers but
they are easily adapted to older students.

I always read The Night Sky published by Scholastic. It gives a lot of good info in a simple format.
We watch the video: The Magic Schoolbus Lost in Space.
Map the distance of the planets to the sun.
Learn the acronym for the order of the planets: My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

Here are some other cross curricular ideas:
Cloud Dough: 3 cups flour, 3/4 cup oil, peppermint extract and 1/2 cup water.
Mix ingredients together.

Moon pictures: Use the end of carboard tubes to paint moon shapes on black or blue paper.

Star Bottle: (another great bottle idea to make and keep in your centers)
Fill a clean empy bottle with 1/2 cup clear corn syrup, and star shaped confetti (check your craft stores)
fill the rest with water. Hot glue the top on the bottle.

Gravity Game: cover an icecream bucket with star shapes and space pictures. On juice can lids glue pictures to be matched
such as shapes, alphabet partners, color and color words, ect. Cut a slit larger than the can lids in the lid of the bucket. Let
children use a magnet to pick up the lids and find matches.

Lunar Lounge: cover an inexpensive air mattress(pool floats would work well and be cheap) with a sheet or blanket. Let children read space books on this lounge.

Full Moons on a Cloud: Shake instant vanilla pudding and milk in a covered bowl. When pudding is mixed serve it with full moon shaped vanilla wafers.

Star Gazers: Cover the end of carboard tubes with black paper. Make pinholes in constellation shapes. Let students star gaze.

Cloud Walk: add polyester filling to a plastic pool and let students walk on a cloud. If a pool is not available,
add the filling to your sand table and hide space shapes in the filling for a texture shape hunt.