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Grade: Elementary

#4163. The Music Maker Reader's Theatre

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 5 10:10:39 PDT 2008 by Meghan Webb (Meghan Webb).
Activity Time: Adapted From Trophies Reading Series

The Music Maker

Sample Names or Create Your Own:
Characters: Dakota, Cas, McKenna, Tanner, Kandi, and James

James: Wherever Dwight went, his drumsticks went, too.

Cas: He tapped on anything that he could find.

McKenna: He liked to try new ways to make his rhythms sound better.

Dakota: Dwight spotted some rubber bands on the playground.

Kandi: He wound them around the ends of two sticks.

Dakota: Cool!

Tanner: He twisted them into tight rubber balls.

James: He used them to beat a rhythm on his boxes.

Dakota: Cool!

Cas: Dwight spotted a garbage can on the playground.

McKenna: He drummed on the garbage can's lid.

Dakota: Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tanner: The loud sound startled the children nearby.

Kandi: They put their hands over their ears.

Tanner: Jon's friend Linda appeared at his side.

McKenna: What are you doing Dwight?

Cas: I'm working on the notes of my music.

James: He's going to play The Star-Spangled Banner.

Dakota: Cool!

Kandi: You must mean that you will drum out the beat.

Tanner: You can't play notes on a drum.

James: Yeah, you need a trumpet or a flute to play real music.

Tanner: He imitated a trumpet.

Dakota: "My drum can make real music!" Dwight said.

James: Meet me after school!

Cas: Dwight's dad had a workshop behind the house.

McKenna: Jon and Linda watched him heat a big steel can.

Kandi: He hammered the shaped into the top of it and then put it in water.

James: This created clouds of steam.

Dakota: Cool!

Cas: On Saturday night, Jon and Linda went to the baseball game.

James: The conductor lifted his arms high.

McKenna: Then the band started playing. . .. . ..

Dakota: The Star Spangled Banner

Kandi: Dwight delighted the crowd as he made music on his steel drum.

Everyone: COOL!