Grade: Elementary

#4166. Auction Day Reader's Theatre

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 5 10:14:51 PDT 2008 by Meghan Webb (Meghan Webb).

Auction Day

Characters: Narrator, Sound Effects, Tyrone, Banker, Storekeeper, Neighbor, Auctioneer

Narrator: Auction Day By: Carol Storment

Sound Effects: (Opening a Creaky Stage Curtain) Squeak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banker: Hey, Tyrone! How are you doing today?

Tyrone: Fine, I just really want a pony.

Banker: How much money do you have?

Tyrone: Six Dollars

Banker: You are a rich man, but that's not enough for the pony outside. Those horses will go for ten dollars or more.

Narrator: Tyrone didn't say another word. He had a plan to get his pony.

Storekeeper: Well, Hello Ty! What can I do for you?

Tyrone: Is there any work that I could do for you? I need to earn some extra money.

Storekeeper: As a matter of fact, my store needs a bit tidied up. Can you sweep?

Tyrone: Yes, Sir!

(Tyrone starts sweeping)

Sound Effects: (Sweeping Noises)

Storekeeper: Nice job! Here you go, here is a whole dollar.

Sound Effects: Cha Ching!

Narrator: Ty walked by the pen of full wild horses. He saw the littlest pony. He reached out his hand and the shy pony jumped away.

Sound Effects: (Whinny like a horse)

Tyrone: Hello, Blue Sky.

Sound Effects: (Whinny like a horse)

Narrator: The next day Ty went to se his neighbor.

Tyrone: Is there work that I can do for you?

Neighbor: You bet there is! There is grass to cut, rocks to be moved, chickens to be fed and eggs to be collected.

Neighbor: Do you think that you can do all of that?

Tyrone: Sure thing!

Narrator: When Ty was done, his neighbor gave him three dollars.

Sound Effects: Cha! Ching!

Neighbor: Thank you son. Have a nice day!

Narrator: Ty ran straight to the bank.

Sound Effects: Must keep running. . ...must keep running. . .. . ..

Banker: Well, Hello Ty. Back so soon?

Tyrone: I'm here to withdraw my six dollars please.

Banker: Here you go, and good luck tomorrow!

Sound Effects: Cha Ching!

(Next Day)

Auctioneer: Welcome to the County Horse Auction!

Narrator: The auction started early and everyone in the county came to se the wild horses.

Storekeeper: I saw Ty there with his money clutched in his hands.

Neighbor: Me too!

Narrator: The auctioneer called out bids for the horses. Most of them were going for much more than ten dollars. Ty started to worry.

Auctioneer: Next up, is the little horse.

Auctioneer: We will start the bid at ten dollars. Do I have a ten. . .. . .. . .?

Narrator: Everyone in town knew how much Ty wanted that horse.

Auctioneer: Sold!

Sound Effects: Cha Ching!

Auctioneer: That pony is all yours son! Congratulations!

Narrator: Ty was filled with joy. He took Blue Sky home.

Tyrone: Look her coat is glistening in the son. Her mane is flying in the wind.

Narrator: But her eyes were still wild and sad.

Sound Effects: (Creepy Voice) To Be Continued. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .


1. What happened next?
2. Why do you think Tyrone did what he did?
3. What types of things did Tyrone do to buy Blue Sky?
4. Why do you think Ty doesn't tell anyone he plans to set Blue Sky free?
5. How do you think Ty feels when he sees Blue Sky running free?
6. What does the word "glistening" mean?
7. Show me what the word "gallops" means.
8. What is an auction?