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#4177. Green Tree , collect "green" ideas activity

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Sun Apr 13 13:24:38 PDT 2008 by Erica P. (Erica P.).

"Green Tree" Earth Day activity
Posted by Erica P.

Here's a fun idea that I have done with my Pre-K class. It's called "Green Tree." It's a great creative thinking and cause and effect activity and can also be a great parent involvement activity.

You create a bulletin board with the title "Green
Tree" and place a cut out of a bare tree on the board. Make lots of leaf cut outs to place on the tree. During your discussion time, discuss with the class how little things like shutting off the water while brushing their teeth can make a big difference.

Each day ask the class what they can do to help keep the earth green. Write their answers on a leaf cut out and place it on the bare tree. Each answer that they give helps the tree grow bigger. By the end of your study the tree will be covered with leaves. The kids in my class always love
this activity and are always excited to give their answers!