Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#418. Gerorgia O'Keefe

Art, level: Middle
Posted Tue Apr 28 18:26:30 PDT 1998 by Heidi Gullion (
Eddyvill/Blakesburg Community Schools, Ottumwa, Wapello
Materials Required: chalk, 18x24 construction paper, pictures of flowers
Activity Time: 2, 45 minutes periods
Concepts Taught: scale, color, drawing

1. Have students gather information about the artist.
2. Choose a flower for the student to work with.
3. Using a large scale, using the whole paper.
4. Have students draw their flower onto the paper.
5. Make sure the students don't use to much detail.
6. Bring out the chalk and the aprons.
7. Students should create their flower to look like their picture.
8. Blend and color the chalk to get shading and depth.
9. Remember to go Big!!!
10. An artist quote." The reason why I painted my flowers so big was so people could not ignore them."
11. The Results are wonderful!!