Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#4180. How To Utlize Community Resources

other, level: Senior
Posted Thu Apr 17 15:09:30 PDT 2008 by Lisa Sullivan (Lisa Sullivan).
Materials Required: Internet, Power Point
Activity Time: 2 Class Periods
Concepts Taught: Life Skills

Student Teacher's Name: Lisa Sullivan Date: 4/17/08

Grade Level 12 Topic/Unit: Identifying and Utilizing Community Resources School: District:


Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and utilize community resources to resolve individual and family issues. MCS Life Science Standard 10


H10.4 Student will be able to use personal and community resources to resolve individual and family issues

Learning Resources and Materials
Power Point Presentation: Michigan Community Resources
Michigan Department of Human Services Website
Michigan Assistance Referral Service

Development of Lesson
Students will watch a short Power Point Presentation on community resource information and then use the internet to find 3 community resources.

A power point presentation as well as classroom lecture and discussion will be used to provide instruction on how to find community resources.


This lesson plan requires only that special needs students specifically search for services that suit their individual needs.

Students will be evaluated on the suitability of services found, the amount of information provided on each service and the inclusion of eligibility requirements for services.

Students will discuss how to share resource information with family or friends who may need help.

Teacher Reflection
It is my sincere intention that students will become familiar with community resources and share this information with others who need it.