Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#4184. Company Development Project II

other, level: Senior
Posted Sun Apr 20 13:03:43 PDT 2008 by kcrenshaw (kcrenshaw).
Materials Required: MS Office, Inspiration Educational Software, art supplies, digital camera
Activity Time: 3 to 5 class sessions
Concepts Taught: Market research, creative design, marketing and advertising

Lesson Two

Students will work as a team, students who have created a company profile will create a concept for a product or service to market, students will conduct research to determine their target market, students will create packaging and/or logos to appeal to their target market, students will create a sample of their product, students will determine how they will sell their product (direct, department store, grocery store, etc.), students will create a print ad for their product (billboard, newspaper, magazine etc.)

This lesson is designed to develop career and employability skills, specifically Michigan Content Standard 7, Teamwork: all students will work cooperatively with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities, identify with the group's goals and values, learn to exercise leadership, teach others new skills, serve clients or customers, and will contribute to a group process with ideas, suggestions and efforts. The lesson also incorporates aspects of Michigan Educational Technology Standard (METS) 4.a.3. Students collaborate in content related projects that integrate a variety of media (e.g. print, audio, video, graphics, simulations, and models) with presentation, word processing, publishing, databases, graphics design, or spreadsheet applications.

Learning Resources and Materials
-Computers with internet access
-MS Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook)
-Computers with Inspiration Software
-Overhead Projector and Screen
-Digital Camera
-Art supplies (paper, poster boards, glue, stickers, paint, etc.)

Development of Lesson
This is the second lesson in a three part project. Students will work together to develop a product or service, marketing plan and various advertisements. Students will use their creativity, research and knowledge to enhance their product or service. Product samples do not have to be overly sophisticated (i.e. if they develop a sports drink they do not have to make the actual drink, simply a sample of the packaging for the product and a description of what it should taste like or why it appeals to a certain demographic).
Each company (group) will conduct research and decide who the target market is for their product or service. Students will use Inspiration software to create a diagram of their company's target market and its demographics. They will develop a sample of the packaging, a company logo or other visual images. Students will then use digital cameras, art supplies and computer programs of their choosing to develop print ads. Each group will present their completed project to the class.

Working on this project as a group will allow students to contribute collectively and each in their own areas of expertise. There will be periodic submissions of progress due for evaluation by the instructor to ensure that students are on the right track. In class discussion time can be used real world examples of companies, their marketing plans and advertising campaigns. Students will be allowed to take a lot of creative liberties with this assignment, students can create ads for whatever print media they want and can use any materials, programs or equipment they have access to. Content should be appropriate for all audiences (no profanity, nudity, sexual content etc.)
Students will be evaluated on their ability to work harmoniously as a group. Each student should have an active role in the assignment. Assignments will be evaluated on the students' identification of a target market and their explanation of how their product/service and ad will appeal to that market. Students will be rewarded for creativity and thinking outside of the box. Students will be evaluated on their ability to collaborate as they integrate a variety of media to produce the final product presentation.

Once part one is complete the class will move on to part three. After all groups have presented their product, marketing plan and print ads, they will continue to work together on the next phase of the project. Students will have an opportunity to discuss in open class their ideas to get feed back from the teacher and classmates.