Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

#419. Body parts fo animal

Science, level: Pre-School
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Materials Required: • Picture (Carabao) • Picture of every scene in the story. • Puzzle (picture of a Carabao) • Ac
Activity Time: depends on the childs' interest

A. Motivation
1. Show picture of a carabao.
2. Tell the class that carabao is our national animal.
3. Tell story about the carabao (Teacher would act every verb in the story)
Cona was a cute and naughty carabao. She follows her mom and dad in the field every day. While her parents were busy at work, She would wander around the grassy countryside. "Don't go into the spooky forest Cona," mom would warn.
Cona seldom heeded her mother's warnings. She often lost her way. But she had figured out a great way to grab her mother's attention. "Baah," she would cry in her crystal clear voice. It would echo through the trees and mom would recognize her baby's pleas. And her mom would find her baby by using her ears; she listens to Cona's baah".
One day, however, Cona got trapped in her own game. She entered the forest and couldn't find her way home. She tried to Baah out loud and call for help. She had forgotten that she had caught a very bad cold. Her nose was blocked and her throat was itchy. She tried with all her might, but all she could manage was a very weak "Boo." No one in the fields could recognize her voice. . Cona was at her wit's end when she caught sight of Paru, the parrot. Seeing Paru gave her an idea. Cona went up to Paru and said,"Aunty Paru,I am lost. You are the eldest. Please help me".Paru said,"Cona Darling,I've heard you have been a very naughty carabao, but anyways, I will take you home". Paru took Cona home and Cona promised she wouldn't be naughty anymore.

B. Lesson Proper
1. Show picture of a carabao.
"Animals have different body parts"
2. Point the eyes -- it helps the cow to see his way and see the things around it.
3. Point the nose -- it helps the cow to breath and smell the food.
4. Point the ears - it helps the cow to hear the sounds around him.
5. Point the mouth -- it helps the cow to eat the grass and drink.
6. Point the Body -- where the heart and other parts of the body are located.
7. Point the tail -- it helps the cow to
8. Point the legs -- it helps the cow to walk and run.
9. Point the hoofs -- it protects the legs of the cow.
10. Point the horns -- it protects the cow from their enemy.

C. Generalization
Activity 1: (What's my name?)
1. Post the picture of a carabao on the board.

2. Point every parts of a carabao and ask the groups what are the names of that body parts.
3. Every group who got a correct answer will get a point.
Group Activity 2: (Make me Whole)
1. Distribute picture puzzles (Carabao) to every group.
2. Tell the class, that they have 30 minutes to complete the puzzle.
3. After completing the puzzle, they will stand up and act like a carabao and copy the sound of the animal.