Grade: Senior
Subject: Mathematics

#4198. Game of Jeopardy on Functions

Mathematics, level: Senior
Posted Thu May 29 01:41:40 PDT 2008 by Christine Kye (Christine Kye).
Lesson Plan 042307
Duarte High School, Duarte, CA, USA
Materials Required: LCD projector, PowerPoint s/w, PC
Activity Time: 60
Concepts Taught: Algebra 1

Syntax Activity Script
and state the objective Students will be given a game of Jeopardy.
Game is designed to review the three main areas. Factoring polynomials (recognizing Difference of Two Squares, Perfect Square Trinomial, and FOIL), Function, and Review of Quadratic Formula.

PowerPoint File of Jeopardy
Tell students that we will be playing Jeopardy.
T -- How about Jeopardy?
S -- Yeah!
T -- Would like me to explain how to play?
S -- No! We know how. What are the categories?
(~ 5 minutes)
list formation Students will be divided into groups, two groups or three groups depending on number of students. (Both Period 1&2 will have three groups)
From the list of questions, students will see the list and recognize the categories. Teacher reads the questions/answers and students will be answering them in question forms (Some are non-mathematic questions for students' motivation). (10-20 minutes)
common properties Students will continue to answer questions and be able to recognize the questions are list of definitions they have learned and were tested on. Most of the questions are from their class notes and tests. One category, potpourri is for motivation and it is a mix of their interests. Teacher will keep reading the questions and students will answer them for their team. Some may recognize the categories to be their reviews. (10-20 minutes)
Label and categorize
the groups Although the categories are labeled at the beginning of the Jeopardy, students will identify them to be the subjects they were learning last quarter. T -- Let's try putting the items we found into a group you recognize.
T -- Who can tell me what we have found so far? Anything you recognize from your class notes? How about the Jeopardy categories themselves? Do you recognize them?
S -- Look like they are function, quadratic equation, factoring.
T -- Okay, anyone else?
S -- Yeah, we know what they are.
Form and
state the generalization
or big idea Students are reviewing the concepts and will be able to commit to their memory.
Teacher reviews the main areas of quadratic formula, factoring, and a function. T -- All the areas we have covered so far are these.
T -- Were you beginning to recognize them?
Rationale and Note:
I have chosen concept formation to review the concepts that were covered this quarter. Through a fun game of jeopardy students will be motivated to recall what they have learned.
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