Grade: Elementary

#4207. Ruby Bridges Think-Tac-Toe

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jul 3 06:44:01 PDT 2008 by Kim Clayton (Kim Clayton).
Oakview Elementary, Ashland, U.S.
Materials Required: Ruby Bridges Think-Tac-Toe Board and Movie: Ruby Bridges (Disney)
Activity Time: 2 - 60 minute classes
Concepts Taught: DOK questions and black history

Think-Tac-Toe boards are an excellent way to give students choices in learning while incorporating DOK questions. In this activity, students watched Disney's Ruby Bridges. Afterwards, students were grouped in 3's and instructed to choose "3 in a row". The following are questions I developed for this think-tac-toe lesson:

*Name some details about the setting of the movie. (knowledge)

*Select parts of the story that were funniest or happiest. (analysis)

*Write a paragraph summarizing what happened in the story. (comprehension)

*Move Ruby Bridges to a new setting and explain what will happen. (application)

*Discuss the pros and cons of a character's decision. (analysis)

*Advertise the movie on a sheet of paper persuading people to want to see it. (synthesis)

*Decide which character you would like to spend the day with and why. (evaluation)

*How are two characters in the story alike or different? (comprehension)

*Think of a situation in the movie and explain how you would have handled it differently. (application)

Think-Tac-Toe boards are an excellent way to differentiate instruction to meet student's different learning needs.