#4212. Chicka Chicka BoomBoom

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Mon Aug 4 22:14:40 PDT 2008 by Susan (Susan).
Bellview, Rogers, Arkansas
Materials Required: Brown lunch sack, magazines
Concepts Taught: literacy

After I read Chicka Chicka the students go to their tables. I give each student a brown paper lunch bag.
First they get construction paper to make their own tree to glue on the front of the bag.
They each get a magazine to find the letters of their name to cut out and glue down or up the tree trunk.
We also talk about the different fonts they will see in magazines.
We store the bags in a special place.
During the year as we learn names, color words, number words, letters, word families, word wall words, whatever words you want them to learn, they make the word on a small card and put it n their bag. You can do this as a lesson, or after they finish class work and need something to do, use your judgement of how to use the bags. They take the bags home each week and read the cards to parents. parents sign the back of the bag and date it when the child reads. OR you can let them take the bags home once a month, whatever. The students are so proud to read the cards! One year I used a different bag after I read Chicka Chicka 123 book. We used the number bag for math activities, I teach Kindergarten but I have used the math Chicka bag for third grade students to keep their math facts in.
These ideas from other teachers are so awesome! Together we DO make a difference!