Grade: all

#4215. The Review Race

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Wed Aug 27 16:37:11 PDT 2008 by Gina Zappariello (Gina Zappariello).
Materials Required: 3x5 index cards
Activity Time: 1 class period
Concepts Taught: Research, review, teamwork, test preparation

This lesson can be prepared either inadvance by the teacher or by the students.

Teacher prepared: This would be the lesson before a quiz or test.

Prepare any number of index cards with questions on them of the unit being reviewed. Have one card written in red ink that is the BONUS or TIEBREAK question. Number all cards 1-50.

Have answer sheets prepared with 50 numbered blank lines and a line for the BONUS question.

Set students up in pairs or triads. Only one textbook and one answer sheet permitted per team.

Students decide who the "runner" will be for the team.

Each team gets one card to begin race - placed face down on desk. When ready teacher says "go."
Students must write the answer to the question on a the answer sheet next to the corresponding number. So if they received card #5, they will write their answer next to line #5.

As soon as they write their answer, runner comes up to teacher for next card.

Students who have studied will get through the cards more quickly. Students who haven't read the chapters or studies, will take longer to answer the question because they must look up the answer in the book.

Teacher can use points accumulated for correct answers as extra credit, or reward winners.

This is alot of fun and very competitive - for all age groups and subjects!