#4218. The Five Senses

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Sep 6 02:24:39 PDT 2008 by Sabrina Miller (Sabrina Miller).
Lincoln Elementary School, East Chicago, Indiana
Materials Required: Chart Paper, Marker, different instruments (tamborine, cymbals, maracas, drum, triangle, etc.),
Activity Time: 15 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Identifying High Frequency Words

Introduce the lesson by creating a chart titles "Our Five Senses". The first column label "I use my..."; the second column label it "to"; the third column label it "many things".
Under the first column use rebus writing (draw an eye); under the second write "see"; under the third write "birds". Then track the information with your finger to create an oral sentence. I use my eyes to see birds. I...see...birds. Draw a picture of a person looking up at the sky at birds. Then write under the picture "I see birds." Continue to fill in the chart like so:
I use my... to... many things...
eyes see birds
ears hear music
nose smell flowers
mouth taste food
hand touch soft thing

*IMPORTANT: Remember to only draw a picture of the body part. This helps the children as you will model reading a rebus (pictured) word.