Grade: Elementary
Subject: Geography

#4225. Geography Sandwiches

Geography, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 21 19:12:04 PDT 2008 by mcarissimi (mcarissimi ).
Materials Required: wall map
Activity Time: filler or longer
Concepts Taught: Geography, map skills

I use Geography Sandwiches with my 4th grade students. Knowing that sandwiches have two pieces of bread and filling in the middle, you provide the "Bread" by listing two places on the
map. Students use the map to find the "filling."


Northern Hemisphere_______________________Southern Hemisphere
(Filling is the equator)

Mississippi____________________Georgia (filling is Alabama

California_____Washington (filling is Oregon)

Students could pair up to create "sandwiches" for their partners to determine, or create sandwiches to quiz the entire group.

And so on.