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#4229. "I lost my textbook" student disclaimer

, level: Middle
Posted Sat Sep 27 12:42:29 PDT 2008 by Patrick Johnson (Patrick Johnson).
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Beaverton School District, Beaverton, Oregon, USA
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Concepts Taught: personal responsibility, reflection

Dear Mom and Dad,

Unfortunately, I left my expensive text book in the classroom yesterday rather than securing it safely in my locker after class. My teacher, , found my book and was concerned it would become permanently lost. That’s why the book has been secured for me in a safe place. My teacher notified me today.

I know that all of my textbooks are at least $50, and I know I don’t want to be responsible for paying for my textbooks. That’s why I am committing to doing a better job of keeping track of my textbooks from now on! I understand how important this is for several reasons:

1) Many school districts are allowed by their state/province government to recoup the cost of a lost or damaged book that’s checked out to me.

2) I was given notice at the beginning of the year reminding me of my responsibility for the care of my own textbooks and other personal items.

3) I understand that monitoring my own materials is my responsibility including when my materials are under my care in class, in my locker, and at home. I understand I am not to leave my textbooks unattended and that at school they are to be, at all times, either with me or in my locker.

My teachers wants me to succeed and knows that the use of my textbook is critical to my success. They doesn’t want you or I to have any unpleasant surprises regarding my achievement in class or costly bills. Please sign this document. I will return it to the teacher tomorrow. If I continue to leave my book unattended, my teacher would like to meet with me and you to figure out a plan.


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