Grade: Senior
Subject: Geography

#4230. The Next Top Travel Agent

Geography, level: Senior
Posted Tue Oct 7 17:27:43 PDT 2008 by Bulldog (Bulldog).
Gretna High School, Gretna, US
Materials Required: Internet Access, atlas, tour books
Activity Time: one week
Concepts Taught: Geography, Math, History, Arts

You are a travel agent and have a family of four that wants to see (name of region). Their trip will be for 21 days and nights. You, being the awesome travel agent you are, have one week to build their itinerary. Using the following guidelines, build your client's itinerary.

1. You will start in (hometown).
2. The client wishes to see several (at least 20) major tourist attractions in several (at least 7) different states/countries.
3. Keep in mind travel times, admission costs, meals, and sleeping arrangements.
4. You may use air, land, and sea transportation.
5. Watch your times and make the trip a trip that you would enjoy.
6. Your budget is $21,000 (American), so you need to look up the exchange rate (document which day you look this up).
7. Include a map showing the route the family will take.

You may use the internet, travel books, textbooks, and any other resource other that a professional travel agent or tour company. Some useful websites might be: (your own list)

This project is due on (date). Late assignments will be assessed a 20-point penalty per day.