Grade: Senior
Subject: Mathematics

#4232. mean, median, mode and range

Mathematics, level: Senior
Posted Tue Oct 14 07:01:16 PDT 2008 by keith debor (keith debor).
oakland public schools, oakland
Materials Required: chalk or whiteboard, or overhead projector
Activity Time: 40-45 minutes

Students will define and demonstrate their ability to distinguish the differences between mean, median, mode and range.
Pre-assessment of terms as they are used in relation to mathematics will be given to each student. what do they already know. They will write a brief explanation, or demonstrate their comprehension at their seat or in front of the class on the board. The teacher will then provide direct instruction explaining verbally and demonstrating the meaning of each term on the board. Students will then be given five warm-up problems to check for comprehension. Students will then be given 10-12 problems to solve individually or in groups as the instructor floats around the room... students may use available resources; dictionary, etc.

The class comes back together in about 20 minutes to go over each problem. Following a brief discussion, students will be given one problem from each term as a post-assessment.