Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#4233. My last holiday

Language, level: Middle
Posted Sun Oct 26 03:02:35 PDT 2008 by Jeremy Taylor (Jeremy Taylor).
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Materials Required: tickets and receipts from a holiday
Activity Time: About 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: reading and discussing chronological order

Presuming you have been on holiday to a foreign country where the target language is spoken, keep all your receipts and tickets.
A quick revision of modes of transport and holiday vocabulary may also be useful, depending on the level of your students.
In the main part of the lesson, hand out the tickets and receipts to the students who then have to sort out the various items into chronological order. Adding a few photographs is a nice touch and one or two red herrings adds to the fun. At the end of the class, your students should be able to tell you exactly where you went, exactly how you travelled, which restaurants you ate in - and even what you ate there.
You could also get the students to plan your next holiday, honeymoon etc, bringing in some brochures, timetables etc (in the target language) for the students to work on.
I like this lesson. It uses authentic material and is not too difficult for students to work with. It will also prepare them for when they go abroad.
Hope it works for you!